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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Details

✔ How can I register?

Registration at SunnatNikah.com is very simple. Please fill the form with the necessary details and click here to register

  • Step 1 - Go to https://www.SunnatNikah.com
  • Step 2 - Already a member? Login with your email or matri ID and enter the password to enter.
  • Step 3 - New user? Enter specified details in the form and become a member @SunnatNikah.com

✔ What is profile Approval?

Profile Approval is the process undertaken @ SunnatNikah.com to verify the details submitted by users and check if it violates the conditions set by SunnatNikah.com

  • Step 1 - Profile validation ensures sanction of registering profile requests
  • Step 2 - Profiles are checked before approval
  • Step 3 - We at SunnatNikah.com follow a very strict process before profile approvals.
  • Step 4 - You will receive an automated mail to your registered email id once your profile is approved.

✔ On what criteria is a profile not approved?

Profiles that are of illegal age, abusive material, unconfirmed data and flippant users are rejected. SunnatNikah.com is for Muslims who are serious in finding a suitable life partner and consider marriage a valuable institution.

✔ Can I register for my friend, relative or sibling?

You can register for others with the consent of the said person.

✔ What is Mobile Number Verification?

We at SunnatNikah.com feel very responsible towards our Muslim brothers and sisters and for this reason we do take the extra effort to ensure unscrupulous elements are rooted out. This means that we do try our best to ensure that we can tag the profiles to the mobile number of the user so that we can help find the identity of the person in case of emergencies. Towards this, a call would be made after registration to check the veracity of the user. This verification is free and without verification you cannot be a member of SunnatNikah.com

✔ How to verify your mobile number?

After login you will get a Mobile Verification Box, No need to do anything, just close the Box.

✔ What are the Do's and Don'ts in creating a profile?

Checklist for creating your profile


Describe in brief about yourself, interests, character, goals, ambition and what you expect out of your partner. Try and complete the profile that will reveal more about who you are. Add a recent photograph of yours that is neat and clear for better response. Do present only factual information. The more the prospect knows about you the better your chances in finding your partner for life.


You might have an instance where you feel the other profile is suitable for you and yet your proposal has been rejected, this could mean that the information that you have provided does not match their need or you could have not presented it properly. It could also be that the information that they look for is not in your profile.

  1. Do enter a working and valid mobile number to receive calls and SMS
  2. Photos mean more chances for better response
  3. Be brief in description and stick to your point.
  4. Use a working email to check on your mails from prospective partners and us.


Do not mention your contact details anywhere else in your profile other than in the space given for it. Avoid indecent language. Indecent, vulgar and racist comments are strictly prohibited

✔ What is partner preference?

If you have any particular preference or expectation please use the partner preference set of questions to help you find one. Your preferences will be matched with profiles in our database and profiles that match will be sent to you.

✔ What is necessity and importance of a Profile ID?

SunnatNikah.com has unique ids for each profile and that is called ProfileID. All profiles have unique profile ID’s. This ID appears on top of your profile during viewing.

✔ I have corrected my profile, can I resubmit again with proper details?

Profile can be edited and modified according to the wishes of users. Please ensure that you stick to our guidelines. Modification of your profile will be updated once it has been approved by the Admin.

✔ What all information from my profile will be displayed to other members?

Other members can view all the details of your profile except date of birth and your contact details. IT is your prerogative to share it with others. We choose not to share it.

✔ Will my mobile number, shared with everyone?

Your mobile number will not be shared as we address your privacy concern seriously. Paid members can view your contact details if your partner preferences matches with the other

✔ I have added my profile, but it was rejected - why?

We at SunnatNikah.com have stringent process for approval of profiles. If the profiles do not meet our guidelines we reject them. Given below are reasons for rejection.

Profiles will not be approved if they contain:

  •  ★ Indecent words in the profile
  •  ★ Vulgar words or comments
  •  ★ Flippant profiles who are interested in socializing
  •  ★ Content that is abusive or violent
  •  ★ Racist comments
  •  ★ Vulgar pictures
  •  ★ Usage of pictures other than self
  •  ★ Profiles of illegal age
  •  ★ Promotion of other party, sites or individuals
  •  ★ Lack of information or content
  •  ★ Seeking friendship before Nikah

 Notice: We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or as a result of a change of policy in our company. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Statement, please write in to support@SunnatNikah.com